The Tour du Biros is a perfect roundtrip introducing hiking in a wonderful setting. It is a 4 day hike in the heart of Ariège’s mountains in the wild valley of Biros. Accessible to every one and perfect to get into hiking, this trek allow you to enjoy beautiful mountains and unspoiled landscapes with friends or family (from the age of eight). Additionally, for those with a taste of aventure, you can climb the high peak of Crabère (2629m), which starts at Etang d’Araing, a lake.

Throughout the tour, you will be surrounded by examples of the valley’s rich mining history while surrounded by the stunning natural vistas. The route will take you, on average, between four and six hours per day. The weather is generally favourable between June and September.

Three accommodation sites will welcome you along the journey, with half or full board.

Ready to take up the challenge?



How to come?

The trek starts from Anglade’s parking, located on the right just after the village of Sentein.




It is possible to take a train from Toulouse to Boussens and then the SNCF train from Boussens to Saint Girons. More information can be found on the SNCF website: https://www.oui.sncf/

Once you arrive at Saint-Girons, you can choose to take the bus, the taxi or hitch-hike in order to get to the valley. It is approximately a thirty minute drive.

Bus information: Sentein/Bonac/Bordes-sur-Lez – St Girons Transport Rives – phone: 05 61 66 26 56 and 05 34 14 09 21. http://www.tourisme-couserans-pyrenees.com/pratique/acces/index.php

Local taxi companies: Castillon: 06 73 51 75 40 / Saint Girons: 06 82 85 32 96.